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Allison Lami Sawyer

Unwavering Champion for Our Houston

My name is Allison Lami Sawyer and I am running as the Democratic candidate against Republican Sarah Davis for the Texas House Seat 134.

I’m not your typical politician – I’m not really a politician at all. I am the co-founder of a successful oil and gas safety company here in Houston, a company that I spent the last eight years building from the ground up. I love board games and watching British baking shows. And as an entrepreneur, a Rice MBA a physicist and a community volunteer, I’ve had the opportunity to see the many ways in which our state government impacts our schools, businesses, and communities.

Raised by a single mother in a small town, I know what it means to work hard and pull yourself up by your bootstraps. At my company, I do not take a single dollar for granted and I will show the same respect for your tax dollars. I strive for efficient, effective leadership, something that seems to be sorely missing in politics these days.

Houston has been very good to me and I have tried to give back in a variety of ways: I mentor for children in foster care, I fundraise for the Leukemia Society, and I promote women in science and engineering. But last year, I felt called to do more.

I have long been disappointed by the incumbent, Sarah Davis, because she puts political ideology over common sense, repeatedly supporting the bills that hurt Houston:

  • HB 1774, the Blue Tarp Bill, which makes it harder to recoup insurance claims after storms like Hurricane Harvey
  • Racist SB4, the “Show me your papers” bill
  • A $10 billion cut to public school funding, which our cities must compensate for, thereby raising our property taxes
  • Budget cuts that caused the Child Protective Services crisis
  • Guns on university campuses

Located almost entirely inside the loop, Texas House District 134 represents a major opportunity to provide real representation for Houston at the state level. Our district is the diverse, thriving heart of this city, and the residents here are increasingly more engaged: voter turnout in the primary was up an astonishing 200% from the 2016 election. I’m heartened by that turnout, and by our performance in the primary. It’s time we had someone representing Houston’s best interests at the state level, advocating for initiatives that will have a real impact on the city, not just voting a party line or angling for a partisan sound bite. Houstonians deserve better, and that’s why I’m running.

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Thank you for your support and I look forward to serving this city that I love to the very best of my abilities.


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