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Allison Lami Sawyer

Unwavering Champion for Our Houston

My name is Allison Lami Sawyer and I am running against Lloyd Wayne Oliver in the Democratic primary for Texas House Seat 134.

I’m not your typical politician—not even close. I own a successful oil and gas safety company here in Houston that I built from the ground up. As a Rice MBA and a physicist by training, I have a deep understanding of how our state government impacts our schools, businesses, and communities.

I was raised by a single mother in a small town, and I know what it means to work hard and pull yourself up by the bootstraps. At my company, I do not take a single dollar for granted. I would show the same respect to my constituents’ tax dollars.

Houston has been very good to me and I strive to give back in a variety of ways. I advocate in court for children in foster care, I fundraise for the Leukemia Society, and I promote women in science and engineering. But this year, I feel called to do more.

I have long been disappointed by the incumbent, Sarah Davis, because she puts politics over our city by supporting the following bills that hurt Houston:

  • HB 1774, the Blue Tarp Bill, which makes it harder to recoup insurance claims after storms like Hurricane Harvey
  • Racist SB4, the “Show me your papers” bill
  • A $10 billion cut to public school funding, which our cities must compensate for, thereby raising our property taxes
  • Budget cuts that caused the Child Protective Services crisis
  • Texas Senate Bill 11, the Campus Carry Law which allows guns on university campuses

My opponent Lloyd Wayne Oliver calls himself a “Tea Party Democrat” and ran in Republican primaries until 2012, when he switched parties and won a shocking democratic primary for District Attorney. Oliver is anti-gay, anti-choice, anti-Muslim, and he routinely mocks domestic abuse victims.

I know this all seems too shocking for a democratic candidate, but it’s true. I encourage everyone to read the Houston Press and Houston Chronicle articles that confirm his offensive views.

As your representative in the Texas House, I will be committed to Houston, committed to Texas, and committed to the people who live and work in our vibrant city.

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Thank you for your support and I look forward to serving this city that I love to the very best of my abilities.